Welcome Medical School Applicants!

Below is a suggested Time-line for applicants.

It is important to start preparing in the fall, a year prior to submitting your medical school application the following summer.

Fall Semester
• Meet with Susie Fang to discuss your readiness to apply
• Attend the fall information session for applicants
• Gain access to the Pre-Health Portal and the veCollect account (system used to process letters of recommendation. Will need approval by Susie in order to gain access to this account.)

Winter Break
• If you were studying abroad and have yet to discuss your readiness to apply with Susie Fang, schedule an appointment by sending an e-mail to sfang@kecksci.claremont.edu to remain on schedule for the upcoming application cycle! Information will be provided to you so you can begin working on your veCollect account and your personal statement.

• Upload a Draft of Personal Statement
• Upload Resume and Unofficial Transcript
• Continue drafting personal statement and gaining health related experience by shadowing physicians or volunteering
• Use veCollect to officially request letters of recommendation

Spring Semester
• Letters of Recommendation should be directly submitted to the veCollect by the end of March if you are requesting a Committee Letter (it is imperative that your letters are received by this date to ensure enough time to compose your Committee Letter). Committee letters are available to applicants who follow the discussed timeline, meet deadlines, and complete additional steps required. Committee letters are available to current students and graduates who are one year out.
• Attend Spring information session for applicants
• You will discuss your School List with Susie Fang and finalize your list in late May-early June.

The deadline for current students and alum to request a commitee letter is April 1.

Year of medical school application

• Submit your AMCAS and/or AACOMAS primary medical school application EARLY (June)
• All letters of recommendation will be processed using veCollect
• Complete Secondary Applications
• Coordinate Interview invitations

Fall- Spring
• Continue to coordinate Interviews
• Maintain involvement in Health Related activity, Research, Other…
• Send any significant updates to medical schools and keep in touch with the PH Advising Office

• Matriculate into medical school (late July-August)
• Discuss re-application plans with Susie Fang (by April if you have not been accepted)