Student Resources

Graduate School Advising

All faculty in the department would be delighted to discuss graduate school opportunities with you. Information about graduate schools and programs is also posted on bulletin boards throughout the W. M. Keck Science Center and files on specific programs are kept in Keck 110.

In particular, the following professors stand ready to answer questions about specific types of graduate programs:

Professor Hatcher-Skeers for Chemistry
Professor Wiley for Cell and Molecular Biology
Professor Landsberg for Physics
Professor McFarlane for Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Professor Preest for Physiology and Physiological Ecology
Professor E. Ferree for general advice and help with application essays

If you are planning to go to graduate school next year, you should be applying NOW!
Download this guide for advice about applying to graduate school in the sciences.
Begin to research schools and programs in which you are interested early.
Give recommenders plenty of time to write letters before due dates.
You will need to take the general GRE and, in most cases, a GRE exam in your field.  The GRE webpage has information about test taking dates and online testing centers.

There are also some graduate fellowships you should consider applying for and their websites are listed below:

The National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship supports graduate students in science, engineering and mathematics.

The National Institutes of Health has a variety of pre-doctoral fellowships in specific areas.

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute has graduate fellowships in the biological sciences.

The American Institute of Physics has a career network website.

The Hertz Foundation supports graduate students working towards the Ph.D. degree in the applied physical, biological and engineering sciences.