Student Resources

Funding Projects: Rules and Regulations

Money has been put aside for funding independent study and thesis projects within the Keck Science Department. Although we have budgeted a certain amount per student, there are no set limits. Some projects require lots of supplies, others few. In any event, no single project will be reimbursed for expenses over $200 without review by the department budget committee.

Our rules on reimbursement for thesis and independent study expenses are as follows:

  1. Typing costs, paper, Xeroxing, and binding of a thesis are all costs borne by the student. Every course has its associated costs for books and supplies.
  2. If, however, you foresee large expenditures (over $30 for example) for your project, you may ask for reimbursement. Appropriate expenses include equipment and supply costs and some transportation, especially if it is important item for your research.
  3. You should always receive prior approval of your expenditures from your thesis director and should order supplies and equipment through the department as we can often get a discount. You should always keep original receipts for any purchases as we cannot get reimbursement from the business office without them.
  4. Pitzer students should apply as soon as possible to the Pitzer Research and Development Committee for student research funds.