Student Resources

Equipment and Space Use

Students undertaking research in the department are responsible for knowing and observing the following procedures:

Use of Non-expendable equipment

Most equipment has a specific location where it should be while in use or n storage. If you wish to remove such equipment (such as spec 20's, hot plates, pH meters, water baths, electronic stimulators, microscopes, balances, lights, etc.) check first with whoever is in charge of the equipment and with your thesis director. You are responsible for using the equipment properly and returning it in good condition.

Use of Expendable materials

The major supply of chemicals is in the chemistry prep room. Reasonable amounts may be used, but if large quantities will be needed your must anticipate those needs and have more ordered if necessary (ask your thesis director). ALWAYS RETURN THE STOCK BOTTLE TO THE SHELF AFTER WEIGHING OUT THE AMOUNT YOU NEED. If large amounts of 95% ethanol are needed, check in advance with Dr. Jen Luft or Detlef Ott.


Reasonable amounts of glassware may be taken from the main stock room supply. They must be returned clean and in good condition.

Use of Space

Each student is assigned a work space in the building, usually in one of the research labs or in the environmental room in the basement. You may use other spaces, with the appropriate permission. Keys may be checked out from Detlef Ott (KSC B05). You will need a note of permission from your thesis director. (See Key Policy)

Prep Rooms

If you need to use the autoclave, pipette washer or dishwasher, see Dr. Susan Schenk for instructions.
Balance Room: See Dr. Jen Luftfor instruction and approval.
Incubators: Check with Professor Wiley. All material should be labeled with your name and thesis director and removed at the end of your project.
Environmental Rooms: Get permission from Professor Copp for projects using these rooms.

Final Clean-Up

At the end of your project, you will be required to clean-up your thesis working space, return all special equipment to its proper location, return all copies of old theses and other materials tot he Keck Science Office, turn in all keys to the departmental coordinator, and submit a sheet with signatures verifying completion of the above tot he seminar coordinators.