Babak Sanii
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Office: Keck Science Center131D
Phone: 909-607-9851
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1.   Katherine Snell, Isabelle Lopez, Brandon Louie, Roxanna Kiessling, Babak Sanii . (2019). Drawing and Hydrophobicity-patterning Long Polydimethylsiloxane Silicone Filaments. Journal of Visualized Experiments   : . Abstract Article
2.   Roxanna Kiessling, Samuel J.S. Rubin, Jacquelyn Zehner, Collin Barraugh, Katherine Snell, Corinna Fukushima, Matthew Mulligan, Melissa Keckley, Anthony Bosshardt, Walter Cook, and Babak Sanii . (2017). Gravity-Drawn Silicone Filaments: Production, Characterization, and Wormlike Chain Dynamics. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces   9: 39916–39920. Abstract Article
3.   Victoria Nguyen, John Rizzo, Babak Sanii . (2016). An Assemblable, Multi-Angle Fluorescence and Ellipsometric Microscope. PLOS ONE   : . Abstract Article
4.   Katherine N. Liu, Chen-min S. Hung, Michael A. Swift, Kristen A. Muñoz, Jose L. Cortez and Babak Sanii* . (2015). Configurable lipid membrane gradients quantify diffusion, phase separations and binding densities. Soft Matter  Royal Society of Chemistry 11: 8217-8220. Abstract Article
5.   B. Sanii, T. Haxton, G.K. Olivier, A. Cho, B. Barton, C. Proulx, S. Whitelam, and R.N. Zuckermann . (2014). Structure-determining intermediates in the assembly path of supramolecular peptoid nanosheets. ACS Nano   : .
6.   B. Sanii, O. Martinez-Avila, C. Simpliciano, R.N. Zuckermann, S. Habelitz . (2014). Amelogenin Nanoribbons Are Comprised of Beta-Sheets and Match X-ray Diffraction Pattern of Enamel Matrix. Journal of Dental Research (cover)   : .
7.   D.J. Gargas, E.M. Chan, A.D. Ostrowski, S. Aloni, V. Altoe, E.S. Barnard, B. Sanii, J.J. Urban, D.M. Milliron, B.E. Cohen, P.J. Schuck . (2014). Engineering bright sub-10-nm upconverting nanocrystals for single-molecule imaging. Nature Nanotechnology   : .