Kathryn Hargan
Post Doc, EnviroLab Asia
Staff of Environmental Science
Email: khargan@kecksci.claremont.edu
Office: Center Court E1
Phone: 909-607-8257
Office Hours: Mon, Tues: 10:15-11:15am, Thur: 3-4pm, or by appt
Web Site: http://www.kathrynhargan.com
Educational Background:
Postdoc: University of Ottawa, Blais Lab, Ottawa, ON (2017)

Ph.D. Biology, PEARL, Queen's University, Kingston, ON (2015)

M.Sc. Biogeochemistry, Trent University, Peterborough, ON (2010)

B.Sc. Biology, Queen's University, Kingston, ON (2008)

Courses Taught:
EA30L KS: Science and the Environment
Research Interests:
Paleolimnology, aquatic ecology, biogeochemistry
Selected Publications List: Click to open new window.
1.   Stewart, E.M., Vu, M., Michelutti, N., Hargan, K.E., Grooms, C., Kimpe, L.E., Blais, J.M., and Smol, J.P . (2019). Pond sediments on nesting islands in eastern Lake Ontario provide insights into the population dynamics and impacts of waterbird colonies. Journal of Great Lakes Research   45: 350-359.
2.   Hargan, K.E., H.G. Gilchrist, N. Clyde, N. Michelutti, L.E. Kimpe, S.A. Iverson, J.P. Smol, M.L. Mallory, M. Forbes, and J.M. Blais . (2019). A multi-century perspective indicating that historical harvest of common eider was unsustainable. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science   : . Article
3.   Duba, M., Hargan, K.E., Michelutti, N., Kimpe, L.E., Clyde, N., Gilchrist, H.G., Mallory, M.L., Blais, J.M., Smol, J.P . (2018). Breeding eider ducks strongly influence subarctic coastal pond chemistry. Aquatic Sciences   80: 40.
4.   Stewart, E.M., Hargan, K.E., Sivarajah, B., Kimpe, L.E., Blais, J.M., and Smol, J.P . (2018). A Paleoenvironmental Study Tracking Eutrophication, Mining Pollution, and Climate Change in Niven Lake, Yellowknife’s (NT) First Sewage Lagoon. Arctic   71: 201-217.
5.   Hargan, K.E., Stewart, E.M., Michelutti, N., Grooms, C., Kimpe, L., Mallory, M., Smol, J., Blais, J.M . (2018). Sterols and stanols as novel tracers of waterbird population dynamics in freshwater ponds. Proceedings of the Royal Society B   285: 20180631.
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7.   Hargan, K.E., Michelutti, N., Coleman, K., Grooms, C., Blais, J.M., Kimpe, L.E., Gilchrist, G., Mallory, M., and Smol, J.P . (2017). Cliff-nesting seabirds influence production and sediment chemistry of lakes situated above their colony. Science of the Total Environment   576: 85-98.
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9.   Thienpont, J.R., Korosi, J.B., Hargan, K.E., Williams, T., Eickmeyer, D.C., Kimpe, L.E., Palmer, M.J., Smol, J.P., and Blais, J.M . (2016). Multi-trophic level response to extreme metal contamination from gold mining in a subarctic lake. Proceedings of the Royal Society B   283: 20161125.
10.   Coleman, K.A., Palmer, M.J., Korosi, J.B., Kokelj, S.V., Jackson, K., Hargan, K.E. et al . (2015). Tracking the impacts of recent warming and thaw of permafrost peatlands on aquatic ecosystems: a multi-proxy approach using remote sensing and lake sediments. Boreal Environment Research   20: 363-377.
11.   Rühland, K.M., Hargan, K.E., Jeziorski, A., Paterson, A.M., Keller, W., and Smol, J.P . (2014). A multi-trophic exploratory survey of recent environmental changes using lake sediments in the Hudson Bay Lowlands, Ontario, Canada. Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research   46: 139-158.
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