Keck students co-author a paper in the journal ACS Applied Materials
Gravity-Drawn Silicone Filaments: Production, Characterization, and Wormlike Chain Dynamics
Roxanna Kiessling,† Samuel J.S. Rubin,‡ Jacquelyn Zehner,† Collin Barraugh,† Katherine Snell,† Corinna Fukushima,§ Matthew Mulligan,† Melissa Keckley,§ Anthony Bosshardt,† Walter Cook,†,‡,§ and Babak Sanii*,†,‡,§. †Claremont McKenna College ‡Pitzer College §Scripps College
We introduce a method to produce continuous polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) silicone filaments on the order of 0.5 m long and 100 μm in diameter. The approach overcomes traditional limitations in silicone drawing by partially precuring the polymer and drawing through a tube furnace. We characterize the filaments’ mechanical properties, and their ability to switch hydrophobicity by UV-ozone and corona discharge patterning. The flexible filaments’ dynamic properties were evaluated by way of athermal acoustic excitation at the air−water interface, revealing conformational reconfigurability consistent with a wormlike chain model. We envision applications in rapid prototyping and as a platform for model foldamer studies.  


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