This summer, departmental support for student research will be available from the following sources – Keck funds, Eaton funds, and Rose Hills Foundation funds. Details on each of these sources of funding are given below.

If you are interested in doing summer research, please start talking to Keck Science faculty now. Please note that preference will be given to students working with Keck Science faculty. Once a faculty member has agreed to serve as your project mentor, you must submit a formal application. Application instructions are provided on the attached Application Cover Sheet.

Please submit your application cover sheet and supporting documents to Velda Ross in the Keck Science Office, Keck 110, by Monday, February 13, 2017. The Keck Science Budget Committee will evaluate these applications and notify all applicants of their decision by March 17th. Students will have until March 20th to accept or decline their awarded funding.

Note as well that summer research fellowships funded by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and by the 5C Neuroscience Program will also be available. Information on applying for these fellowships is given further below.

W.M. Keck Fund

Keck funds are available to students from all three schools (CMC, Pitzer, and Scripps). Stipends are available at $4,000 each.

Eaton Ecological Research Award

In memory of Bill Eaton, a CMC ecology student, the Eaton family established a fund to support research by Keck Science students in ecologically related areas. Funds are available to students from all three schools. Stipends are available at $4,000 each.

Rose Hills Foundation Funding

Rose Hills Foundation Summer Science and Engineering Research Fellowships are available only to students from CMC and will be awarded to meritorious undergraduates who meet the following criteria: a) are majoring in the life or natural sciences (Psychology and Earth Sciences are excluded), or engineering; b) are U.S. citizens; c) have a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 (although there is some flexibility on this); d) are an upcoming junior or senior; e) whose permanent address is Southern California and resides South of the Tehachapi Mountains. Stipends are available at $5,000 each.

Other Available Sources of Funding

Neuroscience Summer Research Fellowships

There are 6 Neuroscience fellowships available. Stipends are available at $5,000 per student for a 10-week placement. Students may coordinate their own research placement or they may choose from placements that have already been coordinated by Dr. Tom Borowski at Pitzer College. These fellowships are given to students wanting to do research off-campus. Fellowship applications are due on or before Friday, February 19, 2016, to Dr. Borowski in Broad Hall, Room 104 at Pitzer College. For further information regarding these fellowships, an organizational/informational meeting has been scheduled for 6:00pm, Thursday, December 3rd, in Burns Lecture Hall in the Keck Science Center. An application packet including all relevant information will be provided at this meeting.

Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) Student Summer Fellowships

Beginning summer, 2013 there will be sixteen (16) HHMI summer research fellowships available for students wishing to participate in biological research projects that involve a “significant component of quantitative analyses.” Depending on the nature of the research project, the quantitative component could involve, for example, statistical analysis, the development of an appropriate mathematical model or computer computation. Experimental projects designed to validate an existing, or developing, mathematical or computational model may also be appropriate. Fellowships support students doing research projects at Keck Science, Pomona College or Harvey Mudd College. Opportunities for participating in a two-member team at a research facility outside of the Claremont Colleges also may be available.

HHMI Stipend: $5,000 for 10-week project. In addition, students on need-based financial aid will receive a supplement to cover his or her “summer earnings contribution.”

HHMI Eligibility: Rising juniors or seniors majoring in the biological sciences. Students majoring in other disciplines with a quantitative background (e.g. Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, Environmental Science, Mathematics, Physics) are also eligible to apply provided that they have completed at least one biology course with lab. In exceptional cases a rising sophomore may be eligible.

HHMI Application: Via a 5C HHMI website (URL: Students should not apply to this website until after January 26, 2016. The website will not incorporate the faculty projects available for summer, 2016 until after this date. Students may apply for more than one and are encouraged to consider the projects that are available outside of Keck Science. As part of the application process, students are expected to meet with the faculty mentors of the projects that most interest them.

The selection of HHMI awardees will be coordinated with the selection of other summer research fellowships available for science majors at Keck Science. Awardees for all of these fellowships will be announced sometime in early March.

PLEASE NOTE: Please use the attached Application Cover Sheet only if you are applying for the W.M. Keck Fund, Eaton Ecological Research Award or Rose Hills Foundation Funding.