Phi Beta Kappa Public Lecture


"The ABC's of flower development"
Dr. Elliot Meyerowitz
California Institute of Technology
From: 8:00 PM To: 9:00 PM
Tuesday, Mar 8, 2005
Seaver North Auditorium
Flowers form from small groups of cells that show none of the characteristic floral organs (sepals, petal, stamens and carpels), and therefore no pattern of organs. How does a group of unspecified cells turn in the course of a week or two into a large, patterned structure with four different organs, each composed of different cell types? This is a fundamental questions in developmental biology of all organisms. In the case of flowers, part of the answer is in the activation and activities of a group of master regulator genes called the ABC genes. The discovery, nature, and activities of the ABC genes in Arabidopsis thaliana will be described, as will the genetic logic of flower development. Use of these regulatory genes in transgenic plants allows design, and then growth of novel types of flowers. This will also be discussed.
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Seminar Registered by: Nancy Hamlett


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