Pomona Biology Special Event


Seaver Building Dedication Symposium
Dr. David Becker, Dr. Andre Cavalcanti, Dr. Karl Johnson, and Dr. Nina Karnovsky
Pomona College
From: 2:00 PM To: 4:00 PM
Saturday, Feb 26, 2005
Seaver Auditorium, Pomona College

Dr. David Becker
"How does creosote bush beat the heat?"

Dr. Andre Cavalcanti
"How aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases chape the genetic code"

Dr. Karl Johnson
"Learning to fly: How sugars build synapses in Drosophila

Dr. Nina Karnovsky
"Arctic Auks in hot water: The effects of climate change on food webs"

Special Symposium for the dedication of the new Richard Seaver Biology Building

The Richard Seaver Biology Building with be open to the public from 12:00 to 2:00 preceding the symposium.

Seaver Auditorium is wheelchair accessible.
FMI: Contact Len Seligman At 909 621-8608
Seminar Registered by: Nancy Hamlett


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