Joint Science Department Seminar


Inhibiting HIV-AIDS by lentiviral-mediated delivery of small interfering RNA
Dr. Karl Haushalter
Associate Professor of Chemistry & Biology
Harvey Mudd College
From: 11:00 AM To: 12:00 PM
Thursday, Sep 16, 2010
Keck Science Center, Burns Lecture Hall
Abstract: Current approaches to treating HIV-AIDS require patients to take a combination of antiretrovial medicines for the rest of their lives. If a safe and effective gene therapy strategy could be developed, it would allow patients to better control their disease without a daily and expensive pill burden. The proposed strategy uses a lentivirus delivery vehicle to genetically engineer hematopoietic stem cells (HSC's) harvested from patients. After being genetically modified and expanded in culture, the resulting HSC's could then be reinfused into the patient to reconstitute the patient's immune system with cells that are resistant to infection by HIV. Prof. Haushalter will report on the progress towards developing and testing a candidate therapeutic lentivirus that expresses three short-hairpin RNA molecules that were selected for their potential to stop HIV. This work is being pursued in collaboration with Dr. John Rossi and Dr. Lisa Scherer at the City of Hope National Medical Center.
Seminar Registered by: Boyle Ke


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