Joint Science Department Seminar


"Creation of an Animal Model of Hirschsprung Disease and the Integration of Science, Medicine and Surgery"
Philip K. Frykman, M.D., Ph.D., Pitzer '90
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
From: 11:00 AM To: 12:00 PM
Thursday, Nov 4, 2010
Keck Science Center, Burns Lecture Hall
Abstract: Hirschsprung disease (HD) is a condition in which the neural development of the colon is abnormal. Infants with HD are born with severe constipation and require surgical correction by removal of the affected colon segment to reestablish intestinal continuity. While many children are cured after surgery, around 35% of children develop complications ranging from chronic diarrhea to life-threatening intestinal infection. Using a novel microsurgical technique, we created an animal model of post-surgical Hirschsprung disease in a mouse strain that develops HD, which closely mimics children with this condition. This has been a breakthrough in this field as we now have a model to examine the molecular and cellular details involved in complications of children with HD. The speaker will discuss how multidisciplinary training in seemingly disconnected fields enables cross-fertilization of ideas leading to innovative approaches to studying disease mechanism.
Seminar Registered by: Velda Yount


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