Keck Science Department Seminar


Innovations fueling a new era of Sustainability
Uma Chowdhry, Chief Science and Technology Officer, Emeritus
From: 11:00 AM To: 12:00 AM
Thursday, Apr 19, 2012
Burns Lecture Hall, Keck Science Center
Over the past century, scientists helped unlock the secrets of chemistry, chemical engineering and materials science to enhance the quality of life for people around the world. Today, population growth along with the rising expectations of an increasingly affluent middle class is creating explosive demand for food, water, energy, and transportation. Simultaneously we are witnessing unprecedented economic, societal and environmental challenges. These challenges provide fertile territory for science and innovation to transform the future of American industry as well as the future sustainability of our planet. Recent advances in information technology, biotechnology and nanotechnology open a new world of possibilities paving the way to a new renewable economy. The magnitude of the grand challenges before us drives the necessity for collaborations that bring together scientists from Universities, Government labs and Industry to create solutions beneficial to all stakeholders. In this century of seamless global communication, people around the world are partnering in new ways to meet market demand with greater speed and “greener” products. DuPont, where I worked for over 30 years, is committed to these transformational changes and to being an active participant in this revolution. A host of examples of innovation ranging from bio-based materials and biofuels to photovoltaics and lithium batteries will illustrate ways to simultaneously provide potential for economic growth and environmental safety. Built on a foundation of science based innovation at its core, society is steadily moving forward on a journey toward sustainability.
Seminar Registered by: Velda Yount


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