Nelson Series


Knowledge, Context and Process: Building a Foundational Infrastructure for Engineering Cells for Use in an Uncertain World
Adam Arkin
UC Berkeley, Lawrence Berkeley National Labs
From: 7:00 PM To: 8:00 PM
Thursday, Oct 9, 2014
Shanahan Auditorium (HMC)
Synthetic Biology
Both natural and synthetically augmented organisms must operate in an uncertain world. Resources change, contact with other life yields surprising interactions, and changes in genetic codes lead to new behaviors. Predictable behavior and engineering of organisms in the face of uncertainty is a core challenge in making synthetic biology a true engineering science. It requires a systems engineering view of the problems: invention of tools for rapid manufacture and characterization of biological function in changeable contexts; discovery of reliable, flexible sets of biological elements with design rules that reduce operational variability; and CAD and manufacturing knowledge systems to ensure efficient design-build-test-learn cycles. In addition to these issues, Arkin will discuss how scaling of biomanufacture is driving the creation of biofoundaries to solve problems in energy, health, and the environment.
Seminar Registered by: Aaron Leconte


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