Pomona Biology Seminar


"How operons affect genome evolution in C. elegans"
Dr. Andre Cavalcanti
Princeton University
From: 4:00 PM To: 5:00 PM
Monday, Nov 29, 2004
Seaver South 108

Abstract: Spliced leader trans-splicing is an mRNA maturation process found in a small set of eukaryotes. In C. elegans, SL trans-splicing allows cells to cap the downstream genes of operons. We analyzed the frequency of duplication of operonic genes in C. elegans and show that they are duplicated less often in the genome than monocistronic genes; as operons account for about 15% of the genes in C. elegans this lower duplication frequency is a large constraint on the plasticity of the genome. Further analyses suggest that this paucity of duplicated genes results from operon organization hindering specific types of gene duplication.

Dr. Cavalcanti is a candidate for the Computational Biology faculty position at Pomona. This is his research seminar.

FMI: Contact Gail Sundberg At 607-2950
Seminar Registered by: Nancy Hamlett


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