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Attention: AISS is not being offered 2017-2018

The WM Keck Science Department is uniquely suited to offer an innovative and stimulating course.  Physicists, chemists and biologists work side by side in the Keck Science Center, conducting research and offering a rich undergraduate science curriculum.

AISS 2012 at the Griffith Observatory


AISS 2013 at the Griffith Observatory


Global warming, nanotechnology, computer-brain interfaces, designed pharmaceuticals, robotics, imaging, just about anything in modern medicine…

What do these topics have in common?

All of them integrate principles from physics, chemistry and biology.  Anyone who hopes to work on these current issues, emerging fields, and in many other areas will need to be flexible and knowledgeable about working across the boundaries that traditionally separate these areas of scientific knowledge.


How is that sort of intellectual flexibility to be gained? 

The faculty members of the Keck Science Department strongly believe that the place to begin is right at the beginning of a student’s curriculum with an integrated introductory course that asks the question “How do we understand nature?” from the perspectives of biology, chemistry and physics.


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The Course

AISS is a year-long introductory double course, which covers the major principles and key findings in biology, chemistry, and physics in an integrated format.

This intensive sequence replaces the three year-long introductory courses in biology, chemistry, and physics. 

Limited enrollment will ensure that the educational experience is thorough and comprehensive for the individual student, so admission to the course will be by online application.  Deadline for the application is July 10th. This course will be most appropriate for students with a strong high school background in calculus and science.

This integrated course will be appropriate for students interested in majoring in:






molecular biology

applied mathematics

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While open to pre-medical students, that course of study will not be the focus of this class. Likewise, students interested in engineering may be better advised to take the other introductory courses.


Students who complete both semesters of the course will be given preference for Interdisciplinary Research Fellowships funded from the S. D. Bechtel, Jr., Foundation in support of research with faculty members during the summer.

This single integrated “double” course will take the place of three standard individual year-long courses in chemistry, biology and physics; students will thus be accelerated in their progress through a science major. Consequently, they will be prepared to move into advanced courses in their chosen discipline earlier than if they had taken the separate discipline-specific introductory courses.

Arranging study abroad opportunities will also be easier for science majors who take this course because they will have more flexibility in their schedule during the sophomore and junior years.


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