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Armstrong JA. 2007. Negotiating the nucleosome: factors that allow RNA polymerase II to elongate through chromatin. Biochemistry and Cell Biology 85: 426-434. Full Article

Initiation by RNA polymerase II (Pol II) involves a host of enzymes, and the process of elongation appears similarly complex. Transcriptional elongation through chromatin requires the coordinated efforts of Pol II and its associated transcription factors: C-terminal domain kinases, elongation complexes, chromatin-modifying enzymes, chromatin remodeling factors, histone chaperones (nucleosome assembly factors), and histone variants. This review examines the following: (i) the consequences of the encounter between elongating Pol II and a nucleosome, and (ii) chromatin remodeling factors and nucleosome assembly factors that have recently been identified as important for the elongation stage of transcription.

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