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1.   Williams, S.M.*, A. Nast* and M.J. Coleman . (2012). Characterization of synaptically connected nuclei in a potential motor feedback pathway in the zebra finch song system. PLoS ONE   7(2): e32178. Abstract

2.   Fortune, E.S., C. Rodriguez, D. Li, G.F. Ball and M.J. Coleman . (2011). Neural mechanisms for the coordination of duet singing in wrens. Science   334: 666-70. Abstract

3.   Remage-Healey, L., M.J. Coleman, R. K. Oyama, and B. A. Schlinger . (2010). Brain estrogens rapidly strengthen auditory encoding and guide song preference in a songbird. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA   107: 3852–3857. Abstract

4.   Bauer EE, MJ Coleman, TF Roberts, A Roy, J Prather, R Mooney . (2008). A Synaptic Basis for Auditory-Vocal Integration in the Songbird. Journal of Neurosience   28: 1509-1522.

5.   Coleman MJ, A Roy, JM Wild and R Mooney . (2007). Thalamic gating of auditory responses in telencephalic song control nuclei. Journal of Neurosience   27: 10024-10036.

6.   Coleman, MJ and ET Vu . (2005). Recovery of impaired songs following unilateral but not bilateral lesions of nucleus uvaeformis of adult zebra finches. J Neurobiology   63: 70-89.

7.   Coleman, MJ and R Mooney . (2004). Synaptic transformations underlying highly selective auditory representations of learned birdsong. J Neuroscience   24: 7251-7265.

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