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1.   J. Emil Morhardt . (2009). . Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Reporting on the Internet.. Business Strategy and the Environment   18: Early view published online DOI: 10.1002/bse.657.

2.   J. Emil Morhardt . (2009). General disregard for the details of GRI human rights reporting by the largest corporations. Global Business Review   10: 141-158.

3.   Paun, D., S. Cappello, K. Fulkerson, L. Pollan, R. Manghani, C. Chen, A. Gaffney, B. Hughes, E. Knoben, V. Orlovic, E. Tran, and J. Emil Morhardt. . (2008). Exploring Sustainability Performance in Canada, the US, and Beyond. Canadian Studies Center Spring Quarter Report.   : .

4.   Morhardt, Sia, and Morhardt, J. Emil . (2004). California Desert Flowers: A guide to Families and Genera.  University of California Press : 310 pages.

5.   J.Emil Morhardt . (2002). Clean, Green and Read All Over.  American Society for Quality Press : 316 pages.

6.   Morhardt, J. E., S. Baird, and K. Freeman . (2002). Scoring corporate environmental and sustainability reports using GRI 2000, ISO 14031, and other criteria. Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management   9: 215-233.

7.   J. Emil Morhardt . (2001). Scoring Corporate Environmental Reports for Comprehensiveness: A Comparison of Three Systems. Environmental Management   26: 881-892.

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