Selected Publications for: Sarah Gilman

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1.   Helmuth, B., Broitman, B., Yamane, L., Gilman, S.E., Mach, K., Mislan, K.A.S, and M.W. Denny . (2010). Organismal climatology: analyzing environmental variability at scales relevant to physiological stress. Journal of Experimental Biology   213: 995-1003.

2.   Gilman, S.E., M. Urban, J. Tewksbury, G.W. Gilchrist, and R.D. Holt . (2010). A framework for community interactions under climate change. Trends in Ecology and Evolution   25: 325-331. Article

3.   Yamane, L and S.E. Gilman. . (2009). Opposite responses by an intertidal predator to increasing aquatic and aerial temperatures. Marine Ecology Progress Series   393: 27-36. Article

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