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1.   Nicolette M. Fernandes, Fabienne Fache, Mari Rosen, Phuong-Lan Nguyen, and David E. Hansen . (2008). Rapid Cleavage of Unactivated, Unstrained Amide Bonds at Neutral pH. Journal of Organic Chemistry   73: 6413–6416. Abstract Article

2.   David E. Hansen . (2007). Recent Developments in the Molecular Imprinting of Proteins. Biomaterials   28: 4178–4191. Abstract Article

3.   Furqan M. Fazal and David E. Hansen . (2007). Glucose-specific poly(allylamine) hydrogels—A reassessment. Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters   17: 235–238. Abstract Article

4.   Jared J. Gerschler, Kevin A. Wier, and David E. Hansen . (2007). Amide Bond Cleavage: The Acceleration Due to a 1,3-Diaxial Interaction with a Carboxylic Acid. Journal of Organic Chemistry   72: 654–657. Abstract Article

5.   David E. Hansen, Dengda Tang, Jon A. Sanborn, and Mark D. Marshall . (2006). (Strept)Avidin-Biotin: Two Interrelated Experiments for the Introductory Chemistry Laboratory. Journal of Chemical Education   83: 777–779. Abstract Article

6.   Thierry Pauyo, Gerard J. Hilinski, Philip T. Chiu, David E. Hansen, Yoon J. Choi, David I. Ratner, Nalini Shah-Mahoney, Cathrine A. Southern, and Patricia B. O'Hara . (2006). Genetic and Fluorescence Studies of Affinity Maturation in Related Antibodies. Molecular Immunology   43: 812–821. Abstract Article

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