Selected Publications for: Findley Finseth

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1.   M Hendrick**, FR Finseth**, M Matthiassen*, K Palmer*, E Broder*, L Fishman . (2016). Top-down and bottom-up approaches combine to identify a major gene underlying monkeyflower adaptation to an extreme habita. Molecular Ecology   : . Article

2.   AC Case**, FR Finseth**, CM Barr, L Fishman . (2016). Selfish evolution of cytonuclear incompatibility in Mimulus. Proceedings of the Royal Society B   : . Article

3.   FR Finseth, Y Dong, AS Saunders, L Fishman . (2015). Duplication and adaptive evolution of a key kinetochore protein in Mimulus, a genus with female meiotic drive. Molecular Biology and Evolution   32: 2694-2706. Article

4.   FR Finseth, ER Bondra*, RG Harrison . (2014). Selective constraint dominates the evolution of a novel reproductive gland. Molecular Biology and Evolution   12: 3266-3281. Article

5.   FR Finseth, RG Harrison . (2014). A comparison of next-generation sequencing technologies for transcriptome assembly and utility for RNA-Seq in a non-model bird. PLoS ONE   9: e108550. Article

6.   FR Finseth, SR Iacovelli*, RG Harrison, EK Adkins-Regan . (2013). A non-semen copulatory fluid influences the outcome of sperm competition in Japanese quail. Journal of Evolutionary Biology   26: 1875-1889. Article

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