The W.M. Keck Science Center is in Claremont CA, located at the following coordinates.

N 34 6'11" and W 117 42'28" . Altitude is 1287 feet (386m).

Weather information is provided as is, and is not guaranteed to be accurate. Weather data is collected from a Davis Weather Monitor II. The history graphs update once an hour. The realtime data updates every 5 minutes.


Virtual Earthquake Simulation (requires Java)

Realtime earthquake map of southern California

Weather Ticker (requires Java)

Current Data - Shows Weather information for Today.

Historical Data - Shows Weather information over a period of time (1 month) and annual record highs and lows.

NOAA Format annual climatological summary

NOAA format previous annual climatological summary

NOAA Mothly climatological summary

NOAA Previous Month climatological summary