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Just as our three sponsor colleges converge in the W.M. Keck Science Department, multiple paths of discovery extend outwards as students and faculty explore a range of scientific disciplines and conduct research that builds on our knowledge of the world. With our broad-based curriculum and emphasis on interdisciplinary perspectives, you can find your place and follow your passion.

One thing you won’t find here is locked doors. You can venture down any path of discovery that interests you, and our faculty are approachable and accessible. Here, almost from day one undergraduates are actively involved in fascinating research. Here, whether you’re a science major or not, you’ll receive an exceptional science education grounded in an emphasis on critical thinking and creative problem solving.

Here, you’ll learn from us, we’ll learn from you, and together we’ll make exciting discoveries.

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Degree Programs

Within the three umbrella disciplines that Keck Science encompasses – biology, chemistry, and physics – we offer 15 discrete degree programs.

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At Keck Science, you’ll have access to fully equipped research labs and the diverse instrumentation required to perform leading-edge scientific research.