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Keck Science Department Seminars
Fall 2023

Fridays 12:15pm – 1:15pm PT

Keck Science Department Seminars take place in Burns Auditorium (Keck B31)

09/15/23Brett WoodsSalem CollegeMentoring and Learning Strategies to Increase URM Retention in STEM
10/06/23Ethan Van ArnamKeck Science DepartmentAntibiotics from Ants: Molecular Defenses from Specialized Insect Microbiomes
10/20/23Gautam AgarwalKeck Science DepartmentUsing Brain Waves to Read Neural Circuits
10/27/23Sierra WilliamsKeck Science DepartmentDeveloping Light-emitting Tools to Study Pathogen-killing Proteins
11/03/23Bethany CaulkinsKeck Science DepartmentNMR Is Awesome! Answering Molecular Questions with Magnets
11/15/23Joseph CampanaleUniversity of California Santa BarbaraLeaders and followers in collective migration, who’s really in charge?
11/17/23Alex PikeOberlin CollegeSingle-stranded DNA binding proteins in DNA replication: One size doesn’t fit all
11/21/2023Sean BeckwithUniversity of Georgia“Jumping genes in budding yeast: Mechanisms of Ty1 transposition”
11/28/2023Zachary WilsonUniversity of Utah“Major Membrane Makeovers to Maintain Mitochondrial Magnificence”
11/30/2023Elena ToncMacalester College“Uncovering the link between allergies, inflammation, and chronic pain: The case study of vulvodynia”
12/01/2023Glenna Clifton
12/05/2023Mackensie Gerringer
12/07/2023Bob Cieri
12/08/2023Emily Kolenbrander-HoPrinceton UniversityShining light on dynamic ERK signaling in the embryo
12/12/2023Ashley Heers

5C Chemistry Seminars
Fall 2023

Tuesdays, 11:00am – 12:00pm PT

Seminars will be held in-person at the locations listed below:

09/12/2023Val ChiykowskiEvok InnovationsLINK HEREPomona
Seaver Auditorium
Path from Chemist to Venture Capitalist
09/19/2023Christy HaynesUniversity of MinnesotaLINK HEREPomona
Seaver Auditorium
Proactive Design of Sustainable Nanomaterials
09/26/2023Micaela HomerUniversity of Washington (Cossairt Lab)LINK HEREHMC
Shanahan B460
Photoelectrochemistry: New Ways to Measure Fundamental Processes
10/10/2023Charlie MarkusCaltechLINK HEREHMC
Shanahan B460
Investigating Gas-Phase Photochemistry with Sensitive Infrared Spectroscopy
10/24/2023Danielle BerryDow Chemical SolutionsLINK HEREKSD
Burns Auditorium
Cool Computing: Reliability of Thermal Interface Materials in Combined Mechanical and Thermal Stress
10/31/2023REU/Summer Research Experience5C Undergraduate ResearchersPomona
Seaver Auditorium
Summer Research Experience Information Session -Learning about Off-Campus Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REUs)
11/7/2023Jeffrey MillsUS Space ForceKSD
Burns Auditorium
The Spectral Theory of Chemical Binding and Quantum Interactions in Molecules
11/14/2023Gabi HellerCambridgeLINK HEREPomona
Seaver Auditorium
Drugging Highly Dynamic Intrinsically Disordered Proteins with Small Molecules
11/28/2023Karen TrentelmanGetty Conservation InstituteLINK HEREPomona
Seaver Auditorium
Art as Evidence: Uncovering the Past Through the Scientific Analysis of Works of Art