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Keck Science Department Seminars
Spring 2022

Fridays 12:15pm – 1:15pm PST

Link for Keck Science Department Seminars:https://scrippscollege.zoom.us/j/91335579369

Feb 4Erik Bollt
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Clarkson University
Feb 11Marie Nydam
Department of Biology, Soka University
Feb 18Janel Ortiz
Department of Biological Sciences, Cal Poly Pomona
Feb 25Alexandra Jurgens
Department of Physics, UC Davis
Mar 4Grace Chen
Department of Immunobiology, Yale University
Apr 1Grace Lee
Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, UC Irvine
Apr 8Chris Douglas
Department of Chemistry, University of Minnesota
Apr 15Kristen Muñoz (CMC ’17)
Department of Chemistry, University of Illinois
Apr 22Steven Rutherford
Department of Infectious Disease, Genentech

For more information about Keck Science Department Seminars, please contact Pete Chandrangsu

5C Chemistry Seminars
Spring 2022

Tuesdays, 11:00am – 12:00pm PST

Link for 5C Chemistry Seminars: https://pomonacollege.zoom.us/j/88315568143

1 FebBrett Helms
HMC `00
Staff Scientist
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Designing Membranes for Next-Generation Batteries

Access to selective membranes is critical to advancing next-generation batteries to power electric vehicles, aircraft, seacraft, and the grid. To that end, I will introduce polymers of intrinsic microporosity as a versatile platform for battery
membranes, whose permselectivity is dictated by sub-nanometer pores on the length scale
of solvated ions found in battery electrolytes. I will highlight important roles played by
computational materials design and molecular dynamics simulations in controlling
solvation, desolvation, partitioning, diffusion, and transport of ions in the membrane.
This foundational knowledge establishes provides a roadmap for the diversity-oriented
synthetic development of new polymer membranes with specific pore architectures and
chemistry with tailored transport selectivity that enable superior performance in energy
devices where they are featured. I will provide context for how these membranes have accelerated the development of higher-power batteries for electric aircraft and higher-
efficiency batteries for grid-scale storage.
8 FebKaren Morrison
HMC `08
Senior Environmental Scientist
CA Department
Of Resources, Recycling and Recovery
Science in the Public Sector: Pesticide Regulation

All pesticide products, from those used in agriculture to those used at home, are reviewed for their impacts to human health and the environment before they can be sold or used in California. Come learn about California’s approach to ensuring safe, sustainable use of pesticides through the use of innovative science, and about a career in science policy.
22 FebKevin Meagher
HMC `95
Global Technical Director Industrial Coatings
Axalta Coating Systems
Industrial Chemistry: Is change the only constant? 
Today’s industrial world is evolving dramatically as we speak.  Previous generations of scientists made significant societal contributions in corporate laboratories under relatively stable and supportive environments. Currently the industrial environment is much more dynamic and challenging beyond the walls of the laboratory than in the past. In the last 2 decades the pace of change has pushed not only the tempo but also the skill-set needed to be successful. Today’s scientists have the opportunity to make direct and immediate impact if they orient themselves and embrace in driving these waves of change. Today the focus of research and development is broader than finding sustainable answers. The challenge now is also identifying and  proposing the pertinent questions to customers, the marketplace and one’s own organization.  This talk will outline, via a few case studies,  how these topics combine and what is key (from my view) for new scientists entering the industrial world.
1 MarCarolyn Bertozzi
Stanford U.

8 Mar
Samantha Jones
C&E News
29 MarTaia Wu, SCR ‘15
UCSF (Gestwicki Group)
Textile Dyes Illuminate Protein Stability

12 Apr
Sarah Slavoff
Yale U.
Bioanalytical Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Title TBD

19 Apr
Hans Purkey
HMC `96
Senior Director, Principal Scientist Computational Drug Discovery

26 Apr
Will Pomerantz
U. of Minnesota
SAR by 19F NMR: Using fluorine NMR to target protein complexes