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Senior Program in Science 188L
Senior Thesis in Science 190L and 191

Students majoring in the sciences normally culminate their four-year experience at Keck Science in a research experience and/or thesis in their major field. Topics for investigation can be of the student's choosing or result from consultation with a faculty member in the field of concentration.

The one year ( two seemster) program consists of 188-190 and usually involves a laboratory or field investigation with a faculty member. In 188, a topic is chosen, background materials reviewed, and research started. In 190, research is continued, culminating in a written thesis and a poster presentation. Seminar attandance is required in each semester. Normally this two-semester sequence begins in the fall semester of the senior year. A variation on this is to begin field or laboratory research during the summer between junior and senior year, and to complete the thesis in the Fall odf senior year - this option requires plenty of prior planning and organization with the Keck Science thesis reader early in the Spring of junior year.

Students who prefer to undertake one-semester thesis should enroll in 191 during either the Fall or Spring semesters of their senior year. Laboratory or fieldwork is possible but requires prior planning. A poster presentation, and seminar attendance, is also part of a one-semester thesis.

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