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Keck Science Department video: Hands-on Experience with Cutting Edge Science

Fourth Year of Summer Science Immersion Program

Just as our three sponsor colleges converge in the W.M. Keck Science Department, multiple paths of discovery extend outwards as students and faculty explore a range of scientific disciplines and conduct research that builds on our knowledge of the world. With our broad-based curriculum and emphasis on interdisciplinary perspectives, you can find your place and follow your passion.

One thing you won’t find here is locked doors. You can venture down any path of discovery that interests you, and our faculty are approachable and accessible. Here, almost from day one undergraduates are actively involved in fascinating research. Here, whether you’re a science major or not, you’ll receive an exceptional science education grounded in an emphasis on critical thinking and creative problem solving.

Here, you’ll learn from us, we’ll learn from you, and together we’ll make exciting discoveries.

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Research Newsflash

Selected Publications

1/10/2018     Finseth lab publishes on the evolution of reproductive proteins.

12/11/2017     Leconte group publishes a new approach to protein engineering

11/15/2017     Keck students co-author a paper in the journal ACS Applied Materials

10/11/2017     Chemistry departments are awarded funding from Dreyfus Foundation to bring distinguished scientist to campus

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Upcoming Seminars


KS : Dave Anderson : Natural Selection on Egg Laying Has Unexpected Correlated Consequences in Galapagos Boobies


KS : Len Mueller : NMR Crystallography: An Atomic-Resolution Probe of Structure, Function, and Mechanism for Materials Science and Structural Biology


KS : Kathryn Hargan : New Biomarkers for Tracking Past Changes in Birds


POM : Chris am Ende : TBD

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Application for IBC/SScIP

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Fourth Year of Summer Science Immersion Program

Keck Science Hosts ACS Undergraduate Research Conference

Course Info for New Students

IBC: an interdisciplinary introduction to biology and chemistry

Alumni Updates

"Keck Science graduates continue to excel in all fields of science, and I'm delighted to congratulate this year's winners and honorable mentions of the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship."

Dean David E. Hansen


"Science is too much fun to not have the opportunity to do it"

Dr. Susan Celniker '75
School: Pitzer
Major: Biology


"Through the guidance and support of my mentors at Keck, I not only learned the technical skills and knowledge needed for a career in medicine, I also cultivated a passion for scientific discovery."

Nicole Duggan '10
School: Scripps
Major: molecular biology, with psychology minor


"At Keck Science I did molecular biology research, which gives me a unique experimental background compared with most of the people who I work with."

Gabe Rocklin '07
School: CMC
Major: Biology-Chemistry & History